Tankx 2.0 (manual+wiring) LCD-TFM8


Read the following manual for basic and advanced settings.


Internal wiring of the fat tire Tankx 2.0 (green and black) front basket and rear foldable 48V500W

Battery specs:

Internal wiring default confirmation (colour matching, male-female output input) match the wire colours

If you see an unplugged wire shown in the images above, make the connection between male-female wires

The trick is called “deduction of possibilities”, where the main outcomes are evident in exhibiting a major role/function, e.g., like the motor plug is the white large plug. Less obvious wires include the colour coded small blackhead plugs (red, blue, black, yellow, green).

Wires main summery (colour) per function:

  1. Motor wire male/female: white large plug connects the motor wiring. Match according colour with size/shape function of the wire. Blue with blue, green with green, yellow with yellow.
  2. Battery wire: main artery red large internal red plug supplies connects the battery with the controller system.
  3. Controller wires: wires connecting each colour role to the appropriate function. Like headlights, speed control adjustment, horn, etc.

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