4 thoughts on “Fold 1.0 fat [manual] LCD880”

  1. Can you clarify the end of section 1.1 that says:
    “It cannot be run exclusively by means of the auxiliary electric motor, except in start-up assistance mode.”
    That seems to imply that the rider must always be peddling except during start up?
    I understand it will consume more power but assumed I could use the throttle and ride without peddling.
    Please confirm.

    1. The throttle can be used independently of pedal assist. In other words, if you want to hold down the throttle, you do not have to pedal, the ebike will go on full power mode without needing to pedal. This is called pure throttle mode. Pedal assist is when you pedal and receive motor assist without needing to use the throttle. You can also hold down the throttle and pedal at the same time, and receive motor assist simultaneously.

  2. I have a fold 1.0 Tankx , how can I get in the program to get max speed out of it, we also have a Donkey and the display is different .

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