Who We Are

Tankx is a Canadian company located in Toronto. We have been selling and designing ebikes since 2019. Our warehouse sells and services electric bicycles on a daily basis. We work very closely with our customers to make sure they receive an ebike fit for all life purposes. Tankx is evolving fast with the world of ebikes by providing the most current and advanced electric bicycles every year. Our mission is to produce ebikes that are reliable, durable, and long-lasting; while being economical and affordable. How do you balance the ideal quality in relation with the best cost?
We are achieving this ratio. 

Customer service is very important because we know that when you are happy with our product, we receive better business; not only do you become a loyal customer, but you provide us with the best gift, an honest word of mouth. One happy customer equals many happy customers. We know that ebikes involve a lot of parts and variables. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to call us at any time of day 24/7 at our customer service number: (416)-500-8016

Our ebikes are fully maxed out with a 48V15ah lithium ion battery, and a 500W hub brushless motor. Everyday our ebikes are replacing traditional means of transportation, like cars and public transit. They perform best within a 60km radius range. They take people to work, school, deilvery, grocery, off road riding, exercise, adventure etc., Tankx ebikes are affordable means of transportation saving you gas, insurance, parking etc,. They can take you places as fast, if not faster than a car, especially in the city, because they can go in-between roads, sidewalks, and can access ways, streets and pathways cars can not access due to traffic congestion. They are legal, safe (if the rider is careful), and require no licence or registration. They are the best investment for your health in this fast paced Modern era. They can be part of a completely self-dependent off grid lifestyle, or part of any city living.