Tankx [manual] LCD-S866

Hold (+-) simultaneously at the same time for 5 seconds (long press) to activate advanced setting menus. See below each mode P0 set.

set up
P01: Backlight brightness, level 1 is the darkest and level 3 is the brightest;

P02: Mileage unit, 0: KM; 1: MILE;

P03: Voltage level: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 64V, default 36V;

P04: Sleep time: 0, no sleep; Other numbers refer to sleep time, ranging from 1 to 60; Unit points

P05: Boost gear: 0, 3rd gear mode:
1st and 5th gear modes:

P06: Wheel diameter: unit, inch;
Protocol 2 wheel diameter value: 5.0~50
Precision: 0.1 inch
5S protocol wheel diameter values: 0:16 inch, 1:18 inch, 2:20 inch, 3:22 inch,
4: 24inch, 5:26inch, 6:700c, 7:28inch;
This parameter is related to the displayed speed on the instrument and needs to be entered correctly;

P07: Speed measurement magnetic steel number: range: 1-100;
This parameter is related to the displayed speed on the instrument and needs to be entered correctly;
If it is a regular hub motor, directly input the number of magnetic steel;
If it is a high-speed motor, the reduction ratio needs to be calculated, and the input data is the number of magnetic steel × Reduction ratio;
For example, the number of magnetic steel in the motor is 20, and the reduction ratio is 4.3. The input data is: 86=20 × four point three

P08: Speed limit: Protocol 2 ranges from 0-100km/h, with 100 indicating no speed limit;
5S protocol 0-41km/h;
The input data here represents the maximum operating speed of the vehicle: for example, entering 25 represents the maximum operating speed of the vehicle
The high operating speed will not exceed 25km/h; Maintain the driving speed at the set value,
Error: ± 1km/h; (Speed limit for power assistance and rotating handle)
Note: The values here are based on kilometers. When the unit setting is converted from kilometers to miles,
The speed value on the display interface will automatically be converted to the correct mileage value, but this value under the mileage interface
The speed limit data set in the menu is not converted and does not match the actual displayed mile speed limit value;

P09: Zero start and non zero start settings, 0: Zero start; 1: Non zero start;

P10: Drive mode setting 0: Power assisted drive (determines how much power is output through the power assisted gear, and at this time
Make it invalid.
1: Electric drive (driven by a rotary handle, and the assist gear is invalid at this time).
2: Coexistence of power assisted drive and electric drive

P11: Assist sensitivity setting range: 1-24;

P12: Power start intensity setting range: 1-5;

P13: Three types of magnetic steel discs for assistance: 5, 8, and 12 magnetic steel discs

P14: Controller current limit setting defaults to 12A
Range: 1-20A

P15: Controller undervoltage value

ODO reset setting: Press and hold the up button for 5 seconds to reset ODO

P17:0: cruise not enabled, 1: cruise enabled; Automatic cruise optional (only valid for protocol 2)

P18: Display speed proportional adjustment range: 50%~150%,

P19: 0 gear enable position, 0: including 0 gear, 1: excluding 0 gear


Meaning of vehicle status code:

Status Code

State significance
Normal state



Boost sensor malfunction (cycling sign)
Not implemented here

6KM/H cruise

Real time cruise control

Battery undervoltage

Motor malfunction

Handle malfunction

Controller failure

Communication reception failure

Communication transmission failure

BMS communication failure

Headlight malfunction
Meaning of 5S protocol vehicle status code:

Status Code

State significance

Abnormal current

Abnormal transfer handle

Motor phase loss

Abnormal motor Hall

Abnormal braking

Abnormal communication

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  1. John LeVasseur

    I’m sorry there really isn’t enough information given here for me to understand properly the manual on settings on this bike, I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me better with some kind of information that I may understand. I guess you can say I’m a Lehman Lehman because I’m not very bright when it comes to electronic stuff, thank you so much for your time and I am enjoying the bike. Doesn’t feel like it’s has the speed that I thought it would have is all.

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