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The Tankx 2X is a double battery, double suspension, double seat, double everything ebike. It is maxed out with two (2x) 48V lithium ion batteries that can reach a total range of over 100km. The rear hub motor (brushless) is a 500W with a max output peaking at 1000W with speeds of up to 50km (keep in mind the legal limit is 32km). The extra wide and long seat provides maximum comfort and space. The duel suspension system comes with an extra large front shocks and a rear shock suspension for all and any terrain. This apocalyptic style ebike handles any environment including the city, forest, trails, off-road, snow (excluding ice), the beach, etc., go anywhere and for as long as you can with the Tankx 2X.



1 review for TANKX 2X [DOUBLE-BATTERY]

  1. mark urban

    it’s all they say it is and a little bit more. if you have a bad back and knees then this is the bike for you. i have six ebikes of different brands including this one now, this is by far the most comfortable one so far. the seat is wonderful and the shocks front and rear are great. if you unlock the speed control it goes like stink down wind. it’s big and solid and a hell of a lot of fun to ride. it’s components are as good as any of the other brands and better in some cases. the ability to program by just turning on the power then pushing the plus and minus buttons together at the same time until it enters program mode is very simple and easy, just push the power button once your in program mode to switch to the next code and push plus or minus to change the settings in each code. push and hold the power button until it locks in your choice and your done. i set speed in the p08 code to 100 that is the max and it is hilariously fast for an ebike at that setting. they say around 50kmh and they are pretty much right on with that. all in all it’s a winner and at a way better price point than the other bikes in this design and shape.

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