LCD-S866 [Default settings ]

Below are images of all the settings default from factory. They are not exact, only estimates, but they reset the bike to its properly working functions. NOTE: important settings includes the p01 for light screen brightness. Po3 for voltage meter it (should be 48V) to match battery specs. P06 for tire size (20” for tire, but it can be increased to increase speed sensor. P07 is speed measure indicator (just shows higher speed on lcd, not necessarily match actual speed). P08 actual speed setter for maximum 100. P10 is submode 0 (non-throttle or pedal assist), submode 1 (only throttle but no-pedal assist), submode 2 (both throttle and pedal assist active simultaneous)

hold both +- simultaneously down at once to activate advanced settings. Single click middle button to navigate.

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