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Tankx 26”x4” fat tire

Beast 26” fat tire 500W48V removable lithium ion battery 4” all-terrain 80km range aluminum 32-48km speed electric bicycle

$1999.00 $1699.00

The Tankx “Beast” is a 26”X4” fat tire cargo cycle. It is built to handle all-season and all-terrain with its stubby fat wheels. Aluminum heavy-duty durable frame, light but strong! With a 500W powerful motor (750W max output), and the most reliable lithium ion 48V15Ah battery on the market. The range always performs throttle between 50-80km with up to 100km of max range with pedal assist. 5 speed lcd electric display, and 7 speed Shimano mechanical gears. 

 The Tankx “beast” gets to be so fast you do not realize you are already at your destination. Its extra lightweight durable 26” frame makes it very lightweight to pedal like a regular bicycle.

 The LCD 5 speeds fast triple sensor system (1 torque, 2 speed sensors), it reacts with micro speed to your pedal-power input and delivers consistent support  through out all durations. 

AI integrated system smart feature: The Pedal-assist motion sensor detects pedalling pressure and automatically adjusts the speed to match the power with resistance. Low speed is equals to more pressure and therefore longer range; inversely, high speed is equal to less pressure, and it takes less than half the time of travel.



48V15Ah500W max range up to 100Km


500W (750W max output) brushless hub motor reaches speeds 32km-55km