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Tankx 16”X3” fat 30Ah

Beast fat tire 16”X3” 48V500W removable lithium ion 30Ah battery all-terrain 150km range aluminum 32km speed electric ebike

$1999.00 $1699.00



48V500W 30Ah max range up to 130km


500W brushless Hub Motor

The Tankx mini “Beast” is the first Ebike/e-scooter hybrid style cargo machine with fat tire 16” wheels. It is built to handle all-season and all-terrain with its stubby 3” wheels. Aluminum heavy-duty durable frame, light but strong! With a 500W powerful motor and the most reliable lithium ion 48V30Ah battery on the market. The range always performs with full throttle between 100-150km with pedal assist. 3 speed digital display. 

 The Tankx “beast” gets to be so fast you do not realize you are already at your destination. Its extra heavy-duty durable frame makes it low maintenance. The tubeless tires provide an anti-puncture proof solution.

 The 3 speeds mode adds a  fast triple sensor system (1 torque, 2 speed sensors), it reacts with micro speed to your pedal-power input and delivers consistent support  through-out all durations. 

AI integrated system smart feature: The Pedal-assist motion sensor detects pedalling pressure and automatically adjusts the speed to match the power with resistance. Low speed is equals to more pressure and therefore longer range; inversely, high speed is equal to less pressure, and it takes less than half the time of travel.